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What is the words4cards App ?

Never be stuck for the appropriate words:

The words4cards app gives you the right words to say when you need them – right now!

The words4cards App is an iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) app that lets you access a curated library of words and thoughts  arranged by category according to the type of greeting or occasion you want help with.


  • A delightful ‘SHAKE FOR RANDOM’ feature. Try thinking of a question, shake the app and see what the wisdom of the ages has to say!
  • 50 expertly curated sayings, quotes and phrases for each of the following occasions:
  • Birthdays, Farewells, Get Well Soon, Condolences, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, General Inspiration, Birth of a Child and Weddings.
  • Birthdays have 5 sub categories, general, humour, naughty, inspirational and romantic – each with 50 quotes and sayings.
  • You can share these words of wisdom instantly via Facebook, Twitter and email.
    You can also double tap to copy the words to your clipboard to use elsewhere.
    Oh and you could even write them on a traditional greeting card!
  • There is a favourites folder for those gems you use regularly or you don’t want to forget.
  • The app is designed for everyday functionality, is quick to load and doesn’t need access to the web to function.

Contact us :

Follow us for greeting Tweets : @words4cards

Words Cards Greetings Birthdays Condolences Get Well Soon Weddings Births

Words4Cards in the App Store

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