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App Name Trouble

April 30, 2013

What’s in an app name?

Plenty if you want to be discovered in the appstore!

So when we submitted our first (successful) build, our sleep-deprived coder missed an ‘S’ at what appears to be a crucial part of the process. Everything (including the binary) has been named ‘Words4Cards’. Everything apparently, except for the little dialogue box that pops up at the end of the submission process – you guessed it ‘Word4Cards’! Not such a big deal you would think. Problem is if you are going to launch a marketing campaign for a product called ‘Words4Cards’ – it would be good if was named that in the appstore.

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what’s in a name?

Suffice to say this little issue has caused problems in terms of ‘discoverability’ for us. Initially typing either ‘word4cards’ or ‘words4cards’ came up with ‘no results for …etc’. I assume this was because of the discrepancy between the build name and the name entered in the dialogue box at the end of the submission process. I emailed Apple about the discoverability issue and within twelve hours it was working as it should. (Although it was nothing to do with them in the first place you understand)

So now I wait for words4cards 1.1 (with the correct name and an improved icon), to be approved by Apple before starting in on the marketing campaign.

Two steps forward and one back- sigh.

Maybe we should have coded for Android at the same time – oh well – live and learn.


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