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The Words4Cards App hits the App Store

April 9, 2013
new apps app store celebrate new release

Words4Cards celebrates their App Store debut

So we finally made it – and it feels good.

The words4cards app is up and running in the App Store.

Ian has done a great job putting the words I collected into a fun, user-friendly interface and we’re already getting positive feedback from people we know who’ve downloaded the app. I just wish I could get them to review it in the App Store as well!

From here I will be in charge of marketing the app and trying to get as many people as possible to buy it. The campaign will involve press releases for traditional and digital media, making a video trailer, blogging and social media. The idea is to build the profile of the app in the store gradually, so that we become the premier app in this lifestyle niche.

As I’ve documented on this blog before, we were initially rejected by Apple. Whether this is a rite of passage or some pre-determined Apple protocol it was initially disappointing but as I noted previously we did end up with a better app, particularly the improvements in sharing across social media and the fun ‘shake for random quote’ feature.

The process hasn’t been entirely problem free and there are couple of little niggles which we’ll iron out in a small update in the next few days. The first is that our app name somehow got put in the store as word4cards rather than words4cards – something we can’t change without uploading a new build. And the second is that we need a higher res icon because it looks a little fuzzy at the moment on the pixel-heavy iPhone screen.

You can check it out by clicking on the picture below!


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