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Paid App or In App Advertising?

October 28, 2012

How to monetize is always a big question when it comes to new apps.

I’ve always seen words4cards as a slow burner. I hope people will download it after seeing their friends use it or hearing about it via word of mouth. When it goes into the app store as a .99c app I won’t be expecting huge things. I know it will get a little shove along from being included in the ‘new’ section of the app store but when it drops off that list it will be easy to disappear into the quagmire of the hundreds of thousands of other apps.

Therefore… the free app with advertising and an in app upgrade to get rid of advertising and increase the range of words and quotes available. We will create a ‘lite’ version of words4cards as quickly as we can after going into the store as a paid app. I anticipate that far more people will be willing to try it out as a free app. The advertising will provide some revenue from the lite version but the hope is that people will see the value in the app and upgrade for .99c once they’ve used it for a while. If they don’t then the financial success of the app really depends on the number of users and how many times they actually use the app.

Words4cards was designed to be used regularly and to help make people’s lives easier by allowing to express their feelings using inspirational words at the drop of a hat  – when they actually need to, quickly and on the move. If that proves to be the case then maybe advertising on the free version will end up being the primary profit centre, who knows? I can’t wait to find out though.

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