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Building the Next Big Mobile App

October 26, 2012

I was surprised when Gordon Whitehead of  The Lunaticks Society and Digital Newcastle asked me to speak on a panel at ‘Building the Next Big Mobile App’ on Tuesday evening. Most sensible people in my situation would have simply said ‘I’m flattered but…’  I’m not always the most sensible person – so – lured by the possibility of self promotion and self aggrandisement – I accepted.

Obviously I’m thrilled that I’ll have a chance to promote my (about to be published) first app to a live audience, a web stream and a twitter hashtag simultaneously but I just know that I’m going to make a tit of myself. I know that in the audience on Tuesday night, there will be people with a lot more experience at app making, marketing and distribution than I have. No doubt one or two of them will end up shaking their heads ruefully at my ‘newbieness’. Plus when you have a live Twitter hashtag running things like that can be pointed out in an embarrassingly public way, so please Twitter people – be kind – (I’m looking at you Bernard T Bolt Esquire)

While I’m mildly concerned about public shaming I’m more than happy to share my experiences in app building thus far. Who knows maybe something I say may  help someone even greener than I am but who wants to build an app themselves. And its all for a good cause anyway – the promotion of Newcastle as a digitally savvy city and a great place to live.

If you haven’t been to an event run by The Lunaticks I recommend coming down to the Delaney Hotel on Darby Street and taking a look. You can have a drink and watch me make an arse of myself in the flesh, on camera and on Twitter simultaneously – should be good for a laugh.

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