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In Defence of “Lazy Dads”

October 21, 2012
The view on the way to playgroup.

I took this photo going home after taking my daughter to playgroup. Am I a ‘Lazy Dad’ if I want to spend more time with her?

Okay I’ll admit that the decision to call our company ‘Lazy Dad Studio’ was rushed. In hindsight the name seems frivolous, casual, ‘devil may care’. That’s probably why I chose it. I had a vision of me in the future telling some influential person I’d met at SXSW ‘Yes, I was co-founder of ‘Lazy Dad Studio.’

It was only later that the negative connotations of the name came home to roost. This little snippet I’ve C and P’d from a yahoo answers thread is a good example:

‘my dad never worked through out his life. we were very poor when i was young. my mom made ends meet by constantly borrowing money from her dad and brothers…etc etc’

It was never my intention to imply that my business partner and I are lazy parents – more the opposite really. For me the name captures the essence of the motivation for starting an App creation company. I want to do this so I can spend more lazy afternoon’s with my wife and daughter and less of them at work. Wishful thinking? – probably.

One of the reasons the negative implications didn’t occur to me immediately was because my own dad is such a hard worker and such a committed family man. Of course, the reality is that if you work for yourself, you have to work hard – full stop. But you can work smart as well. Use your time wisely, work when you can, be with your family when it suits. I didn’t learn that from a digital business forum – I learnt that from my dad in the 1990’s!

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