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An App Company in Port Stephens? – Or Just a Guy?

October 17, 2012

In my dreams my app company offices are  located on the top floor of a building above the Marina in this picture. If you read my previous post on this the you’ll know that my friend and I are making an app to be able to spend more time in our favourite place – sunny Port Stephens NSW.

One issue we’ve had to grapple with on the journey to build our app was exactly how to structure our business. When you lodge a new app with Apple you have to select a developer name. Once that’s done, that name is set in stone. Also, when you sign up as a developer with Apple you have to decide whether you will be developing as an individual or as a company. When we initially decided to develop an app Ian bought himself a Mac and signed up as an individual developer. I already had a Mac and was signed up as an individual developer as well.

I had the idea, the contents (data) and the UI for the app planned out. Ian coded it all and created a functioning iOS app. I then created the artwork for the icon and for the marketing, set up this blog, a twitter account and a facebook page. We planned to lodge under Ian’s dev account and then I would invoice him for 50% of the income that came in (since we agreed to split the costs and income equally.)

I knew there would be issues – tax issues re earning offshore, legal issues over who owned copyright and who would be liable in case of some kind of legal drama. I ran this past a tech savvy accountant who I knew via a very cool tech oriented organisation called the NewLunaticks  This person was Steph from Growthwise Steph was very helpful and (after listening to my story) recommended that Ian and I form a company.

If that seems like a no brainer to you then consider this: Both Ian and I have day jobs, are husbands and parents and have no experience with creating apps. Up to this point we had spent $99 each on registering as developers with Apple. Creating a company was an investment of a more substantial amount of money. Apart from paying for the company set up we also had to fork out for a new ‘company’ developer account with Apple. Up to then things had been a bit of lark – just throw it together and see if it would fly. Now a line was being drawn in the sand – were we serious about this? We talked and I said – ‘it’s up to you mate…’ To my surprise and pleasure Ian said he wanted to do things ‘properly’ and that he was willing to invest more cash and energy into the venture.

Thus ‘Lazy Dad Studio’ has come into being.

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