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I Live in Paradise and I Want to Stay – (so does my friend)

October 11, 2012
Wreck Beach on a sunny winter day

Port Stephens Paradise

This photo comes unedited off my iPhone. What a beautiful place this is… and what a beautiful day that was… I love living here.

Port Stephens Australia is paradise in many respects: it’s peaceful, safe, beautiful and warm. My family lives in a community where we know and like our neighbours, we have a beautiful house and live close to the beach. The problem is finding a way to stay here. Until now I have owned and run a local bookstore and gift shop but not for much longer. By March next year my little shop will be history – sad, but true. My wife works two days a week but that’s hardly enough to keep the wolf (bank) from the door. I need to develop an income stat.

Like many regional areas in Australia, the chances of landing a decent paying job in my field are minimal. I’m willing to do just about any kind of work to pay the bills and stay in Port Stephens – but I’m aiming higher. I have two projects running simultaneously as I supervise the orderly retreat of my shop from the cutthroat battlefield of bricks and mortar retail. The first – as you may have guessed – is building and marketing an iOS app, words4cards. The second is a murder mystery novel that is currently being assessed by an experienced commercial editor (just for an opinion,not as a professional submission – yet.) I go to Sydney to get my report card on the book on Saturday so fingers crossed. If you hear me crowing then you’ll know it went well. If not – oh well – back to the drawing board.

In the meantime my friend Ian and I are preparing to submit words4cards to Apple, so fingers double crossed. We have some trial versions running and if you would like to try a trial version just email me (Greg) at

My friend and co-developer Ian has recently bought a holiday house nearby and he and his family have fallen in love with Port Stephens as well. We’ve spent long summer evenings having a drink and a meal as a group, watching our children play together on the grass, listening to the birds and the waves. We’ve walked to secluded beaches with sparkling blue water, (like the one pictured) we’ve helped each other with backyard projects and house renovations. I know Ian would like to spend more time here and less in Sydney. This app and the one’s we intend to co-develop in the future represent an opportunity to achieve this.

If things work out for the best I will be writing and building apps for a living by next year. If not…who knows

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