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Why build an iPhone App?

October 3, 2012

In 2010 I stumbled into ownership of an iPhone 3G. It was a strange new world for someone who barely used their phone to text message in the past. I used to think of my mobile phone as a well… phone! Once I started exploring the app store and figuring out how to use my phone for things other than voice calls and text messages I realised that this was a game changer for me personally. Today I use my iPhone just about everything bar brushing my teeth. It’s my camera, my map, my P.A., my weather forecaster,my personal trainer, my travel guide, my radio – I could go on but I won’t.

Everyone now knows the depth of penetration smart phones now have in our society and changes they are introducing. I believe that mobile technology, in conjunction with websites like Amazon have been the root cause of my bookshop no longer being able to compete in the market place. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the archaic methods of the traditional publishing industry and the advent of eBooks also have a role to play but at the moment it’s simply internet shopping that’s killing us. I know my bookstore won’t be around much longer and that makes me sad. More on that in the future.

Speaking of the future – I have been fascinated by mobile tech and the world of apps since 2010. I have spent hours and hours pouring over different app ideas and then trawling through the app store to see if the ideas have been done. General rule – if it’s a good idea it’s already been done. But there’s always room to do something better. In this case I have picked an idea where I see a genuine need and where the current applications don’t fill that need as well as they could. I believe there is a genuine need for an encyclopaedia of inspired words, quotes and sayings that have been helpfully categorised for use on the run.

More to come soon…


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